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happy feet

Happy Feet Flooring

March Featured Product

We now carry Happy Feet Flooring. Happy Feet is a luxury vinyl plank. It looks amazing in spaces from rustic to modern. If you are looking for the look of hardwoods, anti-slip, waterproof, stain resistant, anti-microbial, and anti-scratch, this may be the answer. Come in and check out our display.

Floating Products:

Enduring Elegance II $2.85/sq foot

4mm Click-Lock, 12mil Total Wear Surface, 30 Year Residential Warranty

Rustic Elegance $3.05/sq foot

4mm Click-Lock, 12mil Total Wear Surface, 30 Year Residential Warranty

Extreme Elegance + Cork $3.67/sq foot

5.5mm Click-Lock, 22mil Total Wear Surface, Lifetime Residential Warranty

Extreme Tile + Cork $3.87/sq foot

6.5mm Click-Lock, 22mil Total Wear Surface, 30 Year Residential Warranty

Gladiator $3.31/sq foot

5.5mm Click-Lock, 12mil Total Wear Surface, 30 Year Residential Warranty

QuickFit $4.25/sq foot

5.5mm loose lay, 12mil Total Wear Surface, Lifetime Residential Warranty

Hurricane $3.05/sq foot

3.2mm Click-Lock, 12mil Total Wear Surface, 30 Year Residential Warranty

Glue Down Products

Marathon II $1.45/sq foot

2mm Glue Down, 10mil Total Wear Surface, 10 Year Residential Warranty

Ironhorse $1.99/sq foot

3mm Glue Down, 22mil Total Wear Surface, Lifetime Residential Warranty

Ironman $3.25/sq foot

3mm Glue Down, 22mil Total Wear Surface, Lifetime Residential Warranty

Manufacturer's Website:

Siding Month

April Featured Product

With warmer weather coming up, its time to think about making the outside of our homes beautiful. One of the ways to make the most impact to your curb appeal is with new siding.

Since siding is such a huge subject we have decided to break down the info into more bite size pieces. Over the entire month of April we will be posting pros, cons, and pertinent information about Vinyl, Metal, and Wood Sidings as well as what we offer.

Coming Soon... Metal Siding.

Steel Siding

April Featured Product

Let’s talk about Steel Siding.

Steel lends well to a wide variety of styles from industrial to farm houses and is available in any color you can get aluminum siding in. It also lasts 20 to 50 years depending on the gauge you choose making it an economical choice.

While Steel siding is often chosen for style and longevity, there are many reasons to choose steel over aluminum and wood siding. One of the most enticing is that it may just lower your insurance premiums as it is insect and fire resistant. It also stands up to severe winters and heat.

Steel Siding is also a pretty green option when you consider that is recyclable. And if insulated properly, is also very efficient.

As far as maintenance goes it is the easiest option only needing to be rinsed off when it gets dirty. It doesn’t mold or rot.

As always there are always negatives. When considering steel siding make sure to use a skilled contractor with experience as it can get a bit tricky. With lower gauge steel, there are the possibilities of dents, punctures, or scratches and as steel is difficult to change in small sections it is something to take in to consideration. If you are particularly fickle, you may want to factor in that you cannot paint Steel siding.

Coming soon… Vinyl Siding


Yalco Dealer Solutions

AArdvark Construction

Vinyl Siding

April Featured Product

Vinyl Siding is one of the most popular siding choices due to its many advantages.

There is a Large Variety of color choices and styles available (especially here at Hubbard Lumber). It requires little maintenance with no painting, long lasting color, and easy cleaning. It provides extra insulation cutting heating and cooling costs.

One disadvantage to vinyl is higher upfront costs as it requires a home to be essentially sided twice. Double Material (backer and then the vinyl), Double labor. This cost is negated over time by all the advantages.

Another disadvantage is that it is more susceptible to damage from extreme weather.

We are of course available to answer any of your questions about Vinyl Siding, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding

Champion Animal Clinic in Champion, Ohio

Nick Carroll Construction


May Featured Product

It's that time of year where we all be come solar powered. We start thinking about our outdoor dining room and delicious grilled foods. Hanging out with friends around a fire pit or watching the kids get rid of that extra energy. 

We have a wide variety of materials. Whether you want a traditional wood deck or something a little more impressive, we've got you covered. 

So come in with your hopes and dreams and we'll get you started on this Summer's big project.


Our Display in our Showroom

Schlage Locks

Hubbard Lumber is now stocking Schlage Locks and deadbolts.


October 1, 2017

As most of you are aware, a combination of factors have pushed the upward direction of most markets these past two months. We will begin a regular market update newsletter with this issue in order to provide some help and guidance in your pricing and project Bids.


All Western lumber species have been affected by wildfires since early Spring. Many mills have been forced to curtail production due to the fires. More than 3 million acres have been burned since April 1st. Many mills have been forced to switch lumber species, based on availability of logs (one mill, predominantly an SPF mill, will likely start cutting Douglas Fir moving forward).

Generally speaking, pricing on west coast lumber is UP approximately 8% this quarter alone. Hurricanes have been the focus in Southern Pine lumber as a sense of urgency set in for many, the export market in Puerto Rico and much of the Caribbean, (as well as our own Houston, Key West areas); stepping up purchases to cover near-term needs for those markets. Most US markets have continued the building growth this Fall as well.


Although the overall sales pace has slowed somewhat as many hurricane affected markets are just beginning to recover and determine what will be required, the markets still moved upwards again this week. A general rule of thumb is that we have experienced almost a $100/m run in many all panel markets in the past 6-8 weeks.

In addition to all of these market activity segments, there is a major trucking shortage currently, due mainly to trucking companies hauling emergency supplies and aid to many of the hurricane hit areas.


Steel mills have been gradually raising prices. Several factors: rising zinc costs and transportation costs. Continued delay in Commerce Department's Section 232 ruling is having an effect on limiting steel imports, providing an opportunity for domestic mills to increase prices. Our metal roofing & siding suppliers are raising prices approximately 5-7% by mid-October.

In conclusion,

If you are Bidding projects, please let us help to update pricing and provide some assistance with your Quotes and process. We do not have a crystal ball, but we are in contact with many traders on a daily basis and will work hard to help in any way we can. No one likes Price Increases, but across the board in nearly every arena of building materials, prices are UP and will likely continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, we are happy to help you work on your Projects to the best of our abilities. As business partners, it is our goal to provide the best and most reliable information, product value, and service to you and your company.

Thank you.

The Hubbard Lumber TEAM

Silca System

March 2018

For years and years, the options for Decking materials were limited to pressure treated wood, wood composite (a mixture of wood fibers and plastic), capped wood composite (wood and plastic composite core with a protective coating cap on the top and sides, or some now, all four sides). Capped PVC Decking has now been made available as well, but NONE have taken the market by storm like the SILCA SYSTEM!

SILCA SYSTEM is converting the wood decking markets to STONE DECKS across the US. Made locally in Alliance, Ohio, Silca System is a reliable, affordable, cost effective alternative to wood and composite decks, while adding value to your home and outdoor living space. It is a low maintenance choice for ground level decks, raised decks and balconies, porches and patios, stairs, pool decks, and even docks and ramps.

The Silca System is an engineered sturdy subfloor grate system, used in combination with typical standard wood decking infrastructure, easily supporting the weight of natural stone pavers to include brick, slate, and even travertine. It is quick and easy to install and can be used on new deck applications as well as existing (retrofit) decking systems. The possibilities are endless and the system provides so many stone options for outdoor space, from basic to elevated decks.

Let your imagination run wild. The system is proven, engineered, and simple to install. Working directly with Belgard (Old Castle) stone company, another local company in Sheffield Village, Ohio, your outdoor space opportunities are endless!

Check out our Decking Page under products for more photos and information.

Contractor Breakfast

March 2018

We are very excited to invite you to breakfast

@ Hubbard Lumber

March 23, 2018

7 AM – 11 AM

We have been taking the time to update and organize our showroom. As well us updating our products. We’d love to show you our improvments.

We are asking that guests register to attend the breakfast by giving us a call, letting one of our team know how many of you will be attending,  or by commenting on the facebook event. In order to qualify for the specials below you will be required to sign up for them at the breakfast as well as register. 

We will also be having some giveaways. Each registered company in attendance will receive a free “The Works" carwash from Hubbard Waterworks as well as some other great surprises.

We are looking forward to sharing some really great products with you.

Breakfast Guest Specials

Weyerhaeuser Diamond OSB

$5.00/sheet REBATE FOR 1st TIME USERS up to $1000.00

Simonton Windows

Profinish or Replacement – 10% OFF First Order

Happy Feet LVT Flooring

10% OFF First Order

Mastic Vinyl Siding

10% OFF First Upgrade Order

Silca & Belgard – Paver & Deck System

10% OFF First Order

Azek – Timbertech – Trex Decking

10% OFF Next Order

Colorguard or Westbury Railing Systems

10% OFF Next Order

Seal Rite/Therma Tru Doors

Special Discounts on Prefinished Doors

Grayne Siding

Quick Cash Re-imbursement

Contractor Breakfast Guest Specials

March 2018

The Contractor Breakfast was a wonderful success. We really appreciate all of the customers and vendors that attended. 

As a guest of the event you qualify for the specials below. We are keeping track of who attended and which deals you have used. Don't be shy about taking advantages you earned by attending. Thank you!

Breakfast Guest Specials

Weyerhaeuser Diamond OSB

$5.00/sheet REBATE FOR 1st TIME USERS up to $1000.00

Simonton Windows

Profinish or Replacement – 10% OFF First Order

Happy Feet LVT Flooring

10% OFF First Order

Mastic Vinyl Siding

10% OFF First Upgrade Order

Silca & Belgard – Paver & Deck System

10% OFF First Order

Azek – Timbertech – Trex Decking

10% OFF Next Order

Colorguard or Westbury Railing Systems

10% OFF Next Order

Seal Rite/Therma Tru Doors

Special Discounts on Prefinished Doors

Grayne Siding

Quick Cash Re-imbursement

We are participating in Hubbard Shop Small Spring Fling

Shop Small Hubbard

May 5, 2018


Open Houses



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3 Maples on Market

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Pop-Up Tents will be set up along Main St. & W. Liberty St. 10-4pm 

Brick & Mortar Businesses will be open during their regular business hours

Ample Parking in City & Shop lots. 

FB @shopsmallhubard

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How to Install Barn Siding

Barn Siding 

May 2, 2018

We are now carrying Pre-finished Barn Siding!

We are also excited to introduce tutorial videos to our website. Len from our counter is excellent at describing and explaining how to use our products. Please enjoy our  video on how to install Barn Siding.

How to install shiplap with built in nickel gap


May 7, 2018

That's right we have Shiplap!

Check out our new tutorial video.

Kitchen Remodel: Is it worth it?

February 2019

Yes, it absolutely can be especially in our area. When making the best decisions for your space you stand a good chance of recouping nearly the entire cost in the value of the improved space, if you make the right decisions. 

In the case of an approximately 200 sq ft Kitchen that is functional, but dated Minor mid-grade upgrades could be the way to go. Making some aesthetic changes can make a big impact for minimal cost and effort. Some options would be changing cabinet doors or painting existing cabinets. This is assuming that the layout is comfortable and works well. Upgrading and updating appliances with new energy efficient models are both appealing to potential owners and current homeowners in savings and visual appeal. Two of the most drastic changes for minimal cost and effort are replacing light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Additional options are changing out plumbing fixtures, replacing counter tops, replacing flooring, and painting the walls and ceiling. 

More major remodel jobs such as new cabinets, commercial grade appliances,  and higher end finishes are less cost effective for our area. The value recouped can be as low as 64%. 

Focusing on durability and function over high end while still making an appealing space is the best option in this current economic climate for our area. 

Roofing in Youngstown, Ohio

Dreading getting a new roof? 

March 2019

Maybe you shouldn’t.

Did you know that in the Youngstown area you can recoup about 80% of the cost of a new roof in your home value which is actually 12% higher than the national average.

However, most homeowners wait to replace their roof until they notice a leak. Waiting for an issue causes more damage and increases the overall cost of the job. By simply paying attention to your roof especially after storms, you can save thousands in costly roof repairs. At the first sign of any leak or damage contact a professional. With diligence, it wouldn’t be surprising if you did even better than 80%.

Is it time for a new Roof?

Maybe you should consider it.

Hubbard Lumber offers a number of roofing alternatives:

       -  Dimensional Shingles

                   • Tamko

                   • Owens Corning

                   • Certainteed

       - Metal Roofs

                   • Metal Sales- A very cost competitive alternative to shingles for a                                  unique look and visual appearance

       - Metal Shingles

                    • Tamko